About Us

Welcome to the sustainable portal. The goal of our portal is to keep you posted about new sustainable and green technologies. Another mission is to guide you through your first steps in the clean energy world.
With the rising energy prices around the world and the real threat of global warming, there is no better timing than now to go green. We will try to achieve the goals while using a simple and clear explanation to make sure even a complete beginner could follow and learn. We carefully pick the topics and constantly update the content. The team would love to cover topics that interest you. If there is any topic you would like to know more about feel free to share it with us here.

The main topics we aim to cover at the moment are:

We are always looking for like-minded people that share our passion for green tech and sustainability, so if you would like to write with us, or to share some info we would more than appreciate that.

To make sure we give you a piece of accurate information we try to base our articles on well-established sources of information like the US department of energy and Britannica encyclopedia. Of course, those sources are not always the most updated. If you find any piece of information that should be reviewed, kindly let us know.

Wishing us all a more sustainable, clean world.
We are sure that together we can form a community that is caring for this planet and together get one step closer at a time to the world we want to live in. Change begins with those who wish it, hence we sure plan to spread the word by using this platform.

Welcome to the sustainable portal journey.
Hoping you will learn something new